Dr. Amin Shirvani

Meet Dr. Amin Shirvani

Dr. Amin Shirvani began his career as a general dentist upon obtaining a DDS degree in 2003. As a dental student he was involved in various volunteer programs including: IT training, academic writing and student skills. During 2002 he was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Student of the University accolade.

After graduation from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in Iran, he obtained a diploma in legal dentistry. He then began to practice as a general dentist and became an official consultant to the medical regulatory body. After two years of practice, he returned to the university and completed a 4-year program in orthodontics. He studied application of mathematics and computer science with a focus in aesthetic dentistry and facial harmony. He has been publishing articles in the geometry of facial harmony, computerized prediction of orthodontics and aesthetic jaw surgery. He also has over six years’ experience in academic teaching for dentistry.

During 2013, Dr. Shirvani moved to Canada and after becoming a certified general dentist in Canada, he started to practice orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry in Vancouver. Since moving to Canada he has also attended numerous continuous dental education programs for diverse areas of aesthetic dentistry including: Invisalign, Smile Design, Botox injections and Laser Dentistry.

As an experienced dentist, Dr. Shirvani understands that most patients don’t enjoy being in the dental chair and therefore he has a core focus on easing dental anxiety. He looks forward to seeing you at King George Dental Centre @ Newton – Surrey and hopes you experience a soothing dental care.

Dr. Amin Faraghat

Meet Dr. Amin Farghat

Dr. Amin Faraghat dental experience goes back to the year 2005 when he was first qualified as a general dentist from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. He had many achievements throughout his time spent as a dental student. One was ranking third in the Student competition in the 5th International Congress of Iranian Academy of Endodontics 2005.

5 years later in 2010, he graduated in the field of Prosthodontics from National Dental School which is one of the highest ranking dental schools in Iran, achieving the 3rd rank in the national specialty board exam. Afterwards, he officially started his career as Prosthodontist. Upon immigrating to Canada in 2012, he became a registered general dentist in British Columbia.

Dr. Faraghat has over 14 years of experience with great ability in different aspects of dentistry including complex case treatment planning, oral full mouth rehabilitation, aesthetic and smile design, implant dentistry, and removable dentures. In addition, he has the skill to perform the surgical/non-surgical tooth extractions and root canal treatment. Alongside working as a general practitioner, he had a great opportunity working as a clinical dentist for UBC Geriatric Dentistry Program for two years, which has brought him a vast experience in regard to treatment of the elderly patients.

He likes to stay up to date with the latest advances in dentistry by attending continuing education courses focusing more in the field of cosmetic and implant dentistry.  He looks forward to welcoming you to King George Dental Centre @ Newton – Surrey and hopes you experience painless and pleasant dental care.

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