Dental Implants Help Replace Missing Teeth: Why Display a Toothless Grin?

Dental Implants Help Replace Missing Teeth: Why Display a Toothless Grin?

Feb 01, 2021

Tooth loss is a common phenomenon throughout the globe despite the enhancements in dental care. Millions of people are losing teeth to display a toothless grin due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and injuries. Unlike in the past, when replacements for missing teeth were only available with dentures or bridges, the options are widespread currently. You can choose to replace the missing teeth with dental implants that appear and function like your natural teeth.

Dental implants don’t just replace your missing teeth but also your missing tooth root. Implants provide a stable foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth customized to match the remaining teeth in your mouth. If you haven’t heard about dental implants, it is time for you to research and contact the dentist near me for information about the best dental implant dentist near me for replacing your missing teeth.

Why Must You Choose Dental Implants to Replace the Missing Teeth?

Dental implants provide many advantages that you would have lost with the missing teeth. Let us give some benefits of dental implants for you:

  • Implants appear and feel like your natural teeth and are permanent replacements because they are created to fuse with your bone.
  • You won’t experience any slipping in your mouth, familiar with dentures if you have dental implants inserted. You won’t have trouble with your speech or mumble for words.
  • Implants are comfortable because they become a part of you and eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures.
  • Implants are incredibly durable, lasting you for many years, unlike other replacement options needing replacements every five or ten years.

Dental implants clinic Surrey, BC, provides dental implants with a success rate of over 98 percent. With proper dental hygiene, the implants will last for a lifetime.

Are You Suitable for the Dental Implant Procedure?

The implant placement procedure is surgical, and if you are healthy to undergo a routine tooth extraction or oral surgery, you can consider yourselves suitable for dental implants Surrey BC. The mention of a surgical procedure will raise questions in your mind about how much pain is normal during dental implant installation?

All surgical procedures are painful, and we wouldn’t want to misguide by stating getting dental implants is painless. However, you are unlikely to feel any pain during the surgery when dentists give you anesthesia to manage dental pain and anxiety. You will experience some discomfort after the surgery, which is comfortably managed by medications either prescribed or suggested by the implant dentist Newton Surrey.

You must undergo an evaluation by your dentist to determine whether you are suitable for implant placement. You must be committed to good oral hygiene habits and regular dental visits if you wish to have dental implants as a tooth loss solution. It would be best to discuss all conditions affecting you with the dentist during the evaluation to ensure you get quality treatment.

What’s Involved When Getting Dental Implants?

Your dentist prepares a personalized treatment plan when beginning the process of having dental implants. The program addresses your specific needs and is prepared by a team of professionals who are specially trained and experienced in oral and restorative dentistry.

The titanium implant is inserted in the bone socket of the missing tooth. The implant is allowed to integrate with the jawbone as it is made from a biocompatible material. Six to 12 weeks are required for the implant to heal in the jawbone.

When the implant has integrated the jawbone, you undergo a second surgery to have a tiny connector post called abutment attached to it. The base is essential to hold your new tooth securely. The dentist takes impressions of your teeth and bites to have your customized tooth created by a dental laboratory. The replacement tooth, called a crown, is attached to the abutment eventually.

Risks and Complications of Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is associated with some risks as it is familiar with every surgical procedure. However, the stakes are not significant and quickly treated by the dentist performing the surgery. Risks include:

  • Implant site infection.
  • Damage or injury to the surrounding tissues or other teeth and blood vessels.
  • Nerve damage resulting in numbness or tingling in your teeth, gums, lips, and chin.
  • If you have implants inserted in the upper jaw, you may experience sinus problems if the placements protrude through your sinus cavities.

Do not be concerned about how to maintain yourself after dental implant surgery because the dentist prescribes medications or antibiotics after the procedure. If the discomfort swelling worsens in the days following the surgery, you can always contact your dentist for advice.

Dental implants are an excellent option to replace missing teeth in your mouth and to regain all the abilities you lost with your natural teeth.

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