Fixing Buck Teeth With Invisalign®️: King George Dental Centre

Fixing Buck Teeth With Invisalign®️: King George Dental Centre

Jan 01, 2023

Nothing can dull your smile’s shine like dental flaws such as malocclusion. Malocclusion (bad bite) can affect your dental aesthetics but, most importantly, your oral health. Buck teeth (overbite) can be difficult to clean, thus increasing your risk of cavities and periodontitis.

Thanks to modern dental technology, you don’t have to suffer anymore. You can take advantage of cutting-edge dental technology to correct several dental issues. Invisalign in Surrey, BC, is among the most effective dental treatments that employ current dental technology to correct several orthodontic flaws.

Since it entered the market, Invisalign has been changing countless smiles. But just how effective is Invisalign? Can it correct buck teeth? Let’s find out! But first, what causes buck teeth?

What Are the Causes of Buck Teeth?

In most cases, genetics are to blame for having buck teeth. In other words, one can be born with a smaller-than-average jaw, which causes a relative protrusion of your upper front teeth. Usually, people refer to this condition as an “overbite” or “buck teeth.” However, dentists and other professionals will refer to this condition as an increased overjet.

In other words, having protruding front teeth could be a family trait since genetics are known to affect both tooth and jaw sizes.

But some other causes of buck teeth could be:

  • Thumb sucking. Extended thumb sucking, especially beyond five or six years when the permanent incisors kick in, can cause the upper front teeth to protrude abnormally.
  • Irregular spacing or crowding of teeth. Missing or crowded teeth can cause your teeth to shift out of alignment, leading to the forward positioning of the upper anterior teeth.
  • Tongue thrusting. Occasional resting of the tongue against your teeth will not cause any harm. However, if a repeated thrust against your teeth over time, your teeth can protrude.
  • Prolonged dummy use. There shouldn’t be prolonged dummy use. Ideally, your baby should not use the dummy for more than two years.

Buck Teeth Treatment

Buck teeth can lead to a great deal of low self-esteem and embarrassment. You can also develop other issues such as chewing difficulties, broken teeth, problems breathing, etc. Our dentist offers Invisalign near you to help correct this common orthodontic issue.

Invisalign is among the top choices when dealing with buck teeth. They are very different from metal braces since they are made from quality plastic, not metal, and resemble mouth guards that athletes wear during contact sports such as American football.

Invisalign is known for its comfort, sleek design, and discretion. The clear aligners are convenient since you can remove them at any time if you wish to clean them or eat them. However, you will need to wear them for at least 20 hours daily to get the best results.

Invisalign comes in trays that you will wear throughout the treatment. You will wear one tray for a week or so before you discard them. Then, you take the next one in the series. You will keep on with this trend at the end of the treatment.

How Long Will Treatment Last?

At the onset of your treatment, our dentist will scan your teeth, and the images will be uploaded to the computer, where the software will show how the teeth will be moved. Also, the software will help calculate how long it will take to move the teeth to the appropriate positions. Some treatments may last a year, others two years; the duration depends on your case’s severity.

Is Invisalign Effective In Fixing Buck Teeth?

Invisalign can correct buck teeth. It is very effective for mild and moderate cases. In a few months, your smile will be as good as new. However, the treatment’s effectiveness will depend on the cause of the overbite. There are two causes:

  • Dental causes: This is when the overbite occurs because the teeth are in the wrong position
  • Skeletal causes: This is a scenario where the lower jaw is underdeveloped or the upper jaw is overdeveloped

Invisalign is effective if the cause is dental and not skeletal. But in most cases, buck teeth are caused by dental causes.

If you have buck teeth, you will need immediate care. Contact us at King George Dental Centre for orthodontics near you, and we will love to help you.

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