How Long Does Dental Implant Surgery Take?

How Long Does Dental Implant Surgery Take?

Aug 01, 2022

Do you wonder whether you can have dental implants to replace your missing teeth but aren’t aware of what the procedure involves or what you are getting into? It is common for most people considering implants to express concerns because there are many factors to consider before deciding whether dental implants are suitable for you.

Before deciding on dental implants for your missing teeth, you find it beneficial to visit the dentist near you to discuss the dental implant procedure to determine your eligibility for the treatment. Before confirming your suitability, the dentist performs a comprehensive exam to check the health of your mouth thoroughly. The exam includes x-rays and CT scans to guarantee your jawbone and gum health. You must have adequate jawbone to support implants failing, which you must prepare yourself to undergo bone grafting or sinus lifts depending on whether you have lost a tooth on the upper or lower jaw. If you have sufficient jawbone, the dentist creates a tailor-made plan explicitly for you.

Dental Implant Surgery

After completing the comprehensive exam, the dentist schedules your surgical procedure to get dental implants near you. The process is the first step of the surgical procedure when dentists embed titanium posts deep into your jawbone and below your gums.

How much time you require for dental implant surgery depends on how many implants you need to replace your missing teeth. On average, you can expect the surgery to last for a couple of hours for each implant. However, the duration of the procedure shouldn’t concern you because you receive anesthesia and sedation to relax you and leave you without any recollection of the surgery.

After completing the placement of dental implants in Newton Surrey, your dentist recommends you wait for about three months for the titanium posts to integrate with your jawbone. The implant restoration procedure occurs only after the completion of osseointegration, the process where your dental implant fuses with your jawbone to provide a stable base for your artificial tooth.

The waiting time might frustrate you but recovering from dental implant surgery is incredibly important to make the placement procedure successful. You must allow time to allow the implant to integrate with your jawbone to function as your artificial tooth root because it acquires the strength to support the final restoration.

Recovering from Dental Implant Surgery

After dental implant surgery, you can expect swelling, bruising, and pain. The symptoms vary between patients and depend on how much work was necessary before installing the implant in your jawbone. However, the symptoms will not remain with you forever because the dentist provides a prescription or suggests over-the-counter pain relievers to manage your discomfort.

When recovering from dental implant surgery, the time required is generally three months and depends on how you follow your dentist’s after-care instructions. Dentists recommend that you have soft foods after implant placement and refrain from habits like smoking or consuming alcohol. Smoking is harmful to your gums, and alcohol interacts with the medications you receive after the surgical process to delay your healing. Therefore you must adhere to the dentist’s guidelines for a quick recovery without complications.

Fitting Abutments and Crown

After you have recovered from dental implant surgery, the final step is a minimally invasive procedure of fitting the abutment and your dental crown. The abutment is a connecting post attached to the implant by performing another surgery and further recovery for another two weeks before you can have your artificial tooth.

After you have recovered from abutment placement, you revisit the dentist to provide impressions of your teeth and mouth for them to have your dental crown custom created from a dental laboratory. Dental labs require approximately three weeks before they deliver your customized porcelain dental crown appearing similar to your natural teeth. After the dentist places your dental crown, the entire procedure is complete.

Placing dental implants into your jawbone requires the least time compared to the time needed before and after dental implant placement. The comprehensive exam and planning might require a couple of visits to your dentist V3W 5A5, and recovering from dental implants requires the most time. Getting a replacement tooth might take around six months or more, but the waiting time is worth it because you get a permanent replacement tooth requiring minimal attention to provide maximum satisfaction.

King George Dental Center performs dental implant surgery on many patients to deliver excellent results after conducting a comprehensive exam. If you consider dental implants Surrey, BC, for yourself, we recommend you schedule an appointment with this practice can get your implants from their experienced dentists.

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