How Long Does Implant Need to Heal Before Crown?

How Long Does Implant Need to Heal Before Crown?

Oct 13, 2022

Living without a tooth can be very problematic due to food particles getting stuck in the exposed tooth socket. When you visit a dental clinic near me for teeth replacement, they might recommend dental implants and crowns. They usually recommend dental crowns with dental implants since it makes the teeth replacement more aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, you cannot get dental crowns on the same day as dental implants. You will first have to wait for the wound to heal. This article will provide you with more information on dental implants and the waiting time required before crown placement can take place.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made up of several parts such as the post, artificial teeth, and abutment. It is strong since it’s fabricated from metal and is surgically inserted directly into the jawbone for additional support. The dental implant’s post comprises a metal rod that resembles a screw that is fixed into the jawbone tissue. Once fitted, the post serves as artificial tooth roots and stimulates the gums to release nutrients that strengthen the jawbone and thus prevent bone loss.

An abutment is a structure that looks like a peg. It sits just above the gum line and connects the post and the artificial teeth. Once installed by a dentist near you, the only part that would be visible on the outside is the artificial teeth. We recommend dental implants over alternative teeth replacement options since they can replace more than one missing tooth effectively.

The dental prosthesis can ensure you get back your attractive smile. It stimulates the gums to release nutrients which in turn strengthens the jawbone. A healthy jawbone maintains your facial features, so you don’t look older than your actual age.

How to Know if You Are Suited for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a bit heavier compared to alternative tooth replacement options. The extra weight is a result of its strong metallic frame, which enables the dental device to withstand lots of chewing pressure without easily cracking. Because of this, you must have healthy gums and jawbones to be a suitable candidate.

Good dental hygiene is essential as it will protect your gums and teeth from infection. Furthermore, healing may take time, so patients who lack patience and discipline should look for alternative tooth replacement options. Smoking can cause wounds to take longer to heal, so you should be ready to quit if you plan to get dental implants near you.

How Long After Dental Implants Installation Should You Wait Before Crown Placement?

You can not get dental crowns before your dental implant wound has fully healed. Implants are made from titanium, a strong type of metal that easily fuses with the jawbone. After fitting dental implants, a process known as osseointegration needs to occur first. Osseointegration is a term used to refer to the healing and fusing of the jawbone tissue into dental implants Surrey BC.

The implant will not be able to sustain chewing pressure efficiently if the jawbone does not fuse with the dental prosthesis. In patients in good health, osseointegration will take an average of 4 to 6 months to complete. Recovery time usually depends on oral and body health and the age of the patient. These factors will be what determine whether healing occurs slower or faster.

Talk to a dentist near me before getting dental implants in Newton Surrey. Often times health problems will not pose a risk if properly managed. So take all the prescribed medicine in the right doses to strengthen your immune system, so healing does not delay. If you have a weak jawbone, you might need to undergo a bone graft procedure before implant placement which will delay placement.

Your dentist will check if your wound has healed properly. Once they confirm healing is complete, they will schedule you for another dental restoration procedure to fit you with dental crowns in Newton Surrey.


Dental implants and crowns are good tooth replacement options. The procedure, although effective and durable, requires a bit of patience since osseointegration needs to occur before crown placement. If you are ready to commit to the procedure, visit King George Dental Centre for the best dental implants and crowns in Newton Surrey. We offer affordable and effective dental care services so our patients can enjoy a healthy, attractive smile.

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