Dental Bridges in Surrey, BC

Dental Bridges in Surrey, BC

Have a missing tooth? At King George Dental Centre, we have a lot of ways of replacing it. Patients come to us soon after missing a tooth if it’s in the front of the mouth. Those with missing hind teeth don’t always come quickly. The problem with losing a hind tooth is that it seems unimportant at first. Over time, however, teeth start shifting, and gaps between them start to form.

At King George Dental Centre in Surrey, BC, we’ve provided plenty of patients with dental bridges. We’ve also installed dental implants and dentures for others. Whatever it is you prefer, we can help you with it. For years, our dentists have served residents of King George Blvd and the surrounding areas of Surrey Newton, Newton Centre and Delta.

How Are Bridges Installed?

A dental bridge is a structure that contains an artificial tooth. It can also contain several artificial teeth if a person has many consecutive missing teeth. As with any structure, the bridge has to be attached to something. We attach dental bridges to the teeth right next to the missing space.

These teeth are modified and covered with dental crowns in Surrey, BC. The bridge is then attached to the crowns.

Patients with weak adjacent teeth won’t be able to get bridges. Additionally, if you neglect dental hygiene and the teeth supporting the bridge start to decay, the bridge won’t be as stable and might fall. Good dental care and hygiene are essential for the longevity of dental bridges.

Alternatives to Bridges

Patients who don’t have healthy enough teeth to support a bridge or want to try something else can get implants or dentures. Dentures are great for people who want something removable. You can take them off at the end of each day and put them on at the start of the next one.

Dental implants are installed into the jawbone. They’re permanent but don’t need any attachment other than that to the bone. They’re more recent than dental bridges and more durable. Those who want a permanent solution without having to rely on surrounding teeth can get dental implants. Implants are attached to the bone using titanium screws. We then put the artificial tooth over the screw, and it looks natural.

Looking to have dental implants and dental crowns in Surrey, BC? Come visit our dental clinic and meet our dentist near you.

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