Emergency Dentistry in Surrey, BC

Emergency Dentistry in Surrey, BC

You probably do all you can to keep your teeth and gums healthy – brush and floss every day, and visit your dentist twice a year for a check-up. If you or your children play sports, you probably protect yourselves with a mouth guard. Our dentistry near you in Surrey Newton, BC is available with all the treatments you might need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, all these precautions can’t prevent everything from happening to our teeth as emergencies can happen. If they do, you can also count on our ‘dentist near me’ at King George Dental Centre to provide the care you need in emergency dentistry to restore health to your mouth.

What is a Dental Emergency?

You’ve probably experienced some mild discomfort in the mouth from time to time, whether it is due to something stuck in your teeth or accidentally biting your tongue. A dental emergency would result in more pain or irritation and possibly some bleeding. It occurs when some form of trauma occurs to the mouth, resulting in an injury. This could be a sports injury, accident, or some other event that results in bleeding, damaged gums, or broken teeth. It can be a scary experience when you find yourself in this type of situation, and even more so if it affects your children, but you can have confidence that you will receive the care you need at King George Dental Centre from our dentist V3W 5A5 to restore your oral health.

Emergency Dentistry Treatment

Our dental office offers several treatments in emergency dentistry in Surrey, BC. Our ‘emergency dentist near me’ can address issues such as chipped or fractured teeth, lost teeth, lacerations to the gums or other soft tissues of the mouth, nerve damage to a tooth, or jaw damage. We are proud to utilize the latest in dental technology to provide you with the best care possible. Additionally, we try to offer convenient office hours and be available outside of office hours, as well as when you don’t have an appointment scheduled. Our helpful and knowledgeable team can offer advice for home care of a dental issue or answer your questions if you are unsure that you need treatment right away.

Are you in King George Blvd or the Newton Centre, Surrey Newton and Delta regions and in need of a dentist near you? Come meet our ‘dentist open on Saturday near me’ today. Our emergency dentist in Newton is here for all your urgent dental needs.

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