General Plaque Removing in Surrey, BC

General Plaque Removing in Surrey, BC

Plaque is a sticky film that can form over your teeth. What is plaque made of? Unfortunately, it’s made of millions of bacteria. That’s why at King George Dentistry Centre in Surrey, we care about removing plaque from our patients’ teeth. If left untouched, plaque will harden and form tartar. While you might be able to remove plaque at home, tartar needs to be removed using special tools.

At King George Dental Centre, our ‘dentist near me’ cares about plaque and tartar removal because they’re harmful. Since they’re made of bacteria, they can lead to gingivitis and damage to the tissues and bones of the mouth. Plaque can develop even if you take good care of your dental hygiene at home. That’s why regularly visiting your dentist Newton Centre, Surrey Newton, Delta and King George Blvd for exam and cleanings is important.

Plaque Removal

The removal of plaque and tartar is often painless. For those with sensitive teeth, we can use local anesthesia to numb the area before we start the procedure. An ultrasound scraper is used to remove plaque and tartar. Any residual deposits can be easily removed using smaller instruments.

We then polish and clean your teeth to remove any stains. Your teeth will feel fresher, brighter, and healthier. Fluoride treatment can then be applied to your teeth to strengthen them and stop any ongoing decay from getting worse.

Plaque and tartar removal is important in treating gingivitis and periodontal disease. If you don’t want these conditions to occur in the first place, you should visit our dentist V3W 5A5 twice a year for cleanings.

Plaque Removal at Home

We realize that plaque removal kits are now sold commercially. We don’t recommend using these without supervision. There are sharp tools in these kits, and using them incorrectly can damage your gums. In inexperienced hands, these tools can damage the enamel, which doesn’t recover. The best way to get rid of plaque is at the dentist’s office. Procedures are short, comfortable, and completely effective.

Our dentist in Newton Surrey, BC will also be able to give you advice on how to take better care of your teeth cleaning surrey. The fewer dental problems our patients develop, the happier we’ll be.

Looking for a dentist near you in Newton Centre, Surrey Newton or King George? Come meet our Surrey dentist today. Also, our ‘dentist open on Saturday near me’ ensures your busy routine is accommodated. Our dentist in Surrey can’t wait to meet you.

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