Teeth Whitening in Surrey, BC

Teeth Whitening in Surrey, BC

Most of the lifestyle habits we have can affect our teeth. Smoking tobacco can stain them, not brushing frequently can lead to tooth decay, and chewing on your fingernails can chip or break teeth. To get rid of stains on them, you can have our dentist at King George Dental Centre in Surrey, BC whiten your teeth with the Britesmile whitening system. Our dentist V3W 5A5 has over the past years served residents of King George Blvd and the surrounding areas of Newton Centre, Surrey Newton and Delta.

What is the Britesmile Teeth Whitening System?

Our dentists administer the Britesmile whitening system to make your smile brighter. Our patients get the choice of a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel with two concentration levels, 15 or 25 percent. One of our dentists can help you decide which is best for you as it depends on the sensitivity of your teeth and their dinginess.

What is the Process for the Britesmile System?

Once you choose the concentration level, the procedure starts with an examination and general dental cleaning. After the cleaning, our dentist at King George Dental Centre will place the gel on your teeth.

This system uses light-activated gel, so after placing it on your teeth, then our dentist in Surrey, BC will position the light so that it illuminates your teeth to activate the gel. The gas plasma light activates the gel, which in turn helps to oxidize the stains on your teeth cleaning Surrey. Each session under the light lasts about 20-minutes.

The Britesmile light operates on the blue-green spectrum, so it is safe for patients. However, pregnant or nursing women, people with braces, or dental work like veneers or dental crowns shouldn’t use this teeth whitening system.

How Bright Can Your Teeth Get?

Britesmile works quickly because it can get teeth up to nine shades brighter in one office session. A complete treatment lasts approximately one hour, but you may not need three sessions to have white, bright teeth. Our dentists in King George Dental Centre will check on the progress after each 20-minute session to decide how many to do.

With good oral hygiene habits and being careful of what you consume, the Britesmile teeth whitening system can last up to a year or more. Need a dentist near you open on Saturday for ‘teeth whitening near me’? our ‘dentist near me’ could talk to you about the Britesmile teeth whitening system. Call us today and book an appointment with our dentist Newton Surrey.

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