Extraction in Surrey, BC

Tooth Extraction in Surrey, BC

At King George Dental Centre in Surrey, BC, we sometimes have to break it to patients that they need to have a tooth extracted. Sometimes patients expect it like when it’s a wisdom tooth causing problems. Sometimes it comes as a surprise. There are many reasons why we might need to extract a tooth.

The most common scenario is that there’s no way to salvage that tooth, or it’s not important. Wisdom teeth, for example, are accessory teeth, and extracting them won’t harm you or affect the way you chew, speak, or look. An infected tooth or one that can’t be repaired might need to be extracted for the safety of other teeth cleaning surrey.

Types of Dental Extractions

At King George Dental Centre, we can perform simple and surgical extractions. For decades, our dentist in Surrey has performed this procedure on patients in the King George community and the surrounding areas of Newton Centre, Delta and Surrey Newton .During a simple extraction, teeth come out with ease as we maneuver and pull on them. Loose teeth or ones that are severely damaged are usually easy to come out and removed by simple extraction.

Surgical extractions include incising the gums with a scalpel to make more room. Impacted wisdom teeth often need to be removed surgically. A dental x-ray can help us predict how easy it’ll be to remove a tooth. It can also show us whether it’s related to anything of importance like a nerve in the mandible.

Anesthesia and Sedation

We know patients worry about their comfort during extractions. It’s something they have every right to be concerned about. During simple extractions, we usually just need local anesthesia to be numb the affected area. Surgical extractions, on the other hand, might require general anesthesia.

Sedation might be used to ease a patient’s nerves and lower their anxiety during extractions. Laughing gas is a common sedative that’s given through inhalation. Oral and intravenous sedatives are given in more severe cases. Those who receive general anesthesia won’t need further sedation as they will already be unconscious during the extraction.

We’ll make sure you have all you need after the procedure to be as comfortable as possible during your recovery. You’ll be taken care of during and after the extraction.

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