Veneers in Surrey, BC

Veneers in Surrey, BC

Our teeth are very sturdy and durable. You’d be surprised at how strong our teeth are. Unfortunately, teeth can break or crack under extreme conditions or when exposed to severe trauma. They’re also prone to staining. Veneers are one of the answers we have to all of these issues at King George Dental Centre in Surrey, BC. Over the years, our dentists in King George Blvd have provided this service to residents of King George, Newton Centre, Surrey Newton and Delta.

Veneers are purely cosmetic. They don’t strengthen or protect teeth. They just make them look a lot better. For patients with purely cosmetic issues, we recommend veneers. They’re procedures we often perform and have plenty of experience with at King George Dental Centre.

How We Apply Veneers

The application of veneers is simple but usually requires two visits. During the first visit, our dentist in Surrey measures the tooth or teeth that will be covered by veneers. The lab we work with needs these measurements to manufacture veneers tailored precisely for you. Their application will be made during a 2nd visit as soon as we get them back.

Before veneers are applied, we have to tell our patients that their teeth whitening will undergo minor modifications. This includes removing 0.5mm of their front surface. Veneers are then firmly adhered to teeth. The number of veneers you get is up to you. Most patients just want veneers for their front teeth. Some, however, choose to get them for all of their teeth cleaning Surrey.

Future Whitening

As our teeth stain over time, whitening is an effective way of removing stains. While veneers are artificial, they’re not resistant to stains. Products like cigarettes, coffee, and sodas will all darken your veneers. There’s no way of whitening veneers so far.

They’re resistant to bleach and whitening products. When veneers become stained, they have to be replaced. You can avoid staining them in the first place by avoiding the products mentioned earlier and brushing your teeth regularly.

Veneers are great cosmetic tools. Instead of having to remove or replace a crooked or cracked tooth, we can just cover it with a veneer. You’ll be able to face the world with more confidence while knowing that your smile looks terrific and almost flawless.

If you are looking for a ‘dentist near you open on Saturday’ to have your teeth fitted with veneers, we have got your back. You just have to visit our dentist Newton Surrey to get ‘veneers near me’. Our dentist V3W 5A5 in King George also serves patients in the surrounding Surrey Newton and Newton Centre communities. Call us today and book an appointment with our ‘dentist near me’.

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