Extraction in Surrey, BC

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Surrey, BC

Unfortunately, many people lose teeth due to neglecting them or trauma. While our dentists at King George Dental Centre try to save teeth when they can, they sometimes need to perform an extraction. Aside from injuries and decay, there are several other reasons teeth sometimes need extracting. For decades, we have offered tooth extraction services to residents of dentist Newton Centre, Surrey Newton, Delta, and King George.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Most people have a third set of molars that try to emerge at the back of the mouths. These teeth, more commonly known as wisdom teeth, don’t always emerge properly. They may try to emerge at an angle, become impacted and unable to break through the gums, or they can grow in sideways. Some people don’t have wisdom teeth grow in at all.

It is often very painful to have wisdom teeth that are impacted or growing incorrectly. So, our dentists in Surrey, BC opt to extract these teeth because they cannot grow in as they should. In some cases, they cannot come in because the patient’s mouth is too small, and there is not enough room for them.

Too Many Teeth

Extra teeth can also grow in other places in the mouth, disrupting the emergence of other ones. Some young people will end up with crooked teeth due to an extra tooth growing in between teeth along the jaw.

Along with causing the other teeth to grow in crooked, they can also cause decay because the teeth are overcrowded, and it can be difficult to brush them properly. Food particles and sugars from colas or juices can get trapped in the crevices between these teeth and form the bacteria that cause decay.

Instead of trying to correct all the teeth, our dentist in Surrey will recommend an extraction at our offices near you in Surrey, BC and then straighten the remaining teeth.

If an extraction is necessary, then our dentist V3W 5A5 will do everything in their power to make you as comfortable as possible. With the right sedation and numbing agent, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. Then, by taking care of the wound, you can avoid complications and have a healthy set of beautiful teeth cleaning Surrey.

Looking for a Surrey dentist in King George Blvd, Newton Centre or Surrey Newton? Want a dentist near you open on Saturday for ‘tooth extraction near me’? Call us today and book an appointment. Our ‘dentist near me’ can’t wait to meet you.

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