What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures?

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures?

Jun 01, 2022

Tooth loss is a common problem among adults due to decay, gum disease, injuries, et cetera. Replacement solutions for missing teeth are also available in dentures, bridges, and dental implants. If you intend to get replacements for your missing teeth deciding on which best suits your needs is challenging to determine, requiring you to schedule appointments with the dentist near you for advice.

When you discuss your needs with the dentist, the professional will likely recommend dental implants as the best solution for replacing missing teeth if you are in good physical and oral health. However, if you cannot afford expensive dental implants, you can consider the time-tested dentures as an alternative option. However, you must understand dental implants have significant advantages over dentures and remain with you for a lifetime if cared for appropriately.

This article explains the advantages of dental implants over dentures to help you make an informed decision.

Dentures Explained

Dentures are artificial teeth fabricated on a gum-colored base with plastic or acrylic teeth. You can have dentures to replace a couple of missing teeth or an entire arch of teeth on the upper or lower jaw.

The procedure for getting dentures is conservative and requires you to provide measurements of your mouth to your provider and attend a few sessions with them for adjustments before you get your set of artificial teeth sitting on your gums. Dentures function and appear like your natural teeth but require time to get accustomed. In addition, dentures are not permanent tooth replacement solutions because the prosthetics require adjustments and replacements every five to seven years.

Explaining Dental Implants

Dental implants are tiny screw-like posts embedded into your jaw to replace your missing tooth root. Your body integrates with the titanium post to create a stable base for your artificial tooth mounted over the implant.

Dental implants provide a permanent and stable foundation to support natural-looking dental crowns or bridges. In addition, they offer more excellent retention, stability, and support than removable partial or complete dentures.

Dental Implants Optimal Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants near you are considered optimal for replacing missing teeth over other solutions. Implants offer many advantages over dentures, making them an ideal solution if you want to replace a few or all your teeth.

Advantages Of Dental Implants Over Dentures

After undergoing the surgical process for dental implants, your body integrates with the titanium post making it a permanent placement in your jaw. After a dental implant in Newton Surrey, fix a realistic-looking dental crown made from porcelain over the implant; you have your artificial tooth or teeth in your mouth that don’t require removal of special care, unlike dentures.

Although dentures serve similar purposes of replacing missing teeth, they require special attention and removal every night for cleaning and storage.

Dental implants, after integrating with your jawbone, become permanent fixtures in your mouth and merely require excellent dental hygiene besides regular visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings. In addition, dental implants do not require adjustments, relining, or replacements unless you inadvertently damage the dental crown over the implant.

Dentures require replacements every 5 to 7 years because your jawbone changes shape making the dental prosthetic unsuitable for your needs. Dentures might also slip and move in your mouth when eating, talking, or laughing.

A significant consequence of tooth loss is jawbone deterioration which starts soon after losing your teeth. When you have dental implants in your jawbone functioning as your artificial tooth roots, the implants prevent jawbone deterioration because the implanted tooth provides the stimulation needed by the bone to prevent resorption. As you benefit from the lack of jawbone deterioration, dental implants help maintain your facial appearance to make you look younger and presentable.

Unfortunately, dentures sitting on your gums do not stimulate your jawbone, causing it to deteriorate over time. As a result, you begin feeling older as your facial muscles sag and might consider cosmetic options to improve the appearance of your face and skin.

Dental implants are way ahead of dentures as the optimal solution for replacing missing teeth. The advantages of implants mentioned above should convince you they are the replacement solution you must consider if you qualify for the replacements.

Unlike dentures, it helps if you understand not everyone is considered suitable for dental implants. Unless you are in good physical, oral, and financial health and are willing to commit to the healing process of dental implants, you may not qualify for the placements. Therefore before you consider having the best solution for replacing missing teeth, kindly schedule an appointment with King George Dental Center to evaluate your mouth and determine whether you are suitable for dental implants.

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